cold weld

cold weld
холодносварное соединение

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  • cold-weld — /kohld weld /, v.t. 1. to weld (metal objects) by extreme high pressure with no application of heat. 2. to weld (metal objects) by contact in a high vacuum, as in space. * * * …   Universalium

  • cold weld — intransitive verb : to adhere on contact without application of pressure or heat used of metals in the vacuum of outer space …   Useful english dictionary

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  • cold shut — noun Etymology: cold shut 1. : the freezing of the surface of liquid metal during the pouring of an ingot or casting due to interrupted or improper pouring; also : an imperfection thus caused 2. : the imperfect weld caused in a forging by the… …   Useful english dictionary

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